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Tuition fees cover the cost of your teaching, assessment and operating University facilities such as the library, access to shared IT equipment and other support services. The interaction between models and data in macroeconomics is emphasised where appropriate. The final thing I would like to mention is the job prospects that a degree in economics gives a person. My answer is that getting a degree in itself is only half of the way to securing a good job.

In the event that there are material changes to our offering , we will update applicant and student facing information as quickly as possible and offer alternatives to applicants, offer-holders and current students. We now also offer the Graduate Diploma in Economics through online study, supported by handouts and video recording of classroom lectures via our online platform, Moodle. The course structure and assessment methods are identical to those for students who take the course face-to-face, with written examinations either in Birkbeck, or, by arrangement, at a wide range of sites throughout the world. Sites such as YouTube, Wikipedia, as well as Moocs, now provide more learning opportunities than ever before for someone looking to brush up on their economics knowledge. Not only are such courses cheap, or even free, but they are great resources for those who want a more structured approach to their learning. For example, you can buy, or even borrow, a number of popular bestselling books that teach you about economics or economic principles in a fun, easy to understand way.

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Fees are assessed based on your country of domicile, with students domiciled in the EU charged international fees. If you are unsure, find out more about how your fee status is assessed. You can use Stockwell Street library and online resources to support further reading and research. Given the current situation with Covid-19, we are offering virtual events so that you can still experience how Greenwich could be the right university for you. You’ll find plenty of courses to choose from, historic campuses, and fellow students from more than 150 countries.

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Tutors can also provide predicted grades for university based on your completed assessments within the course. 2) Does it seem realistic to self-study Economics whilst studying Chemistry, Maths and History in school? We encourage all students who are thinking of applying to the University to attend one of our online or in-person visiting days. First and second year modules generally involve a series of lectures , laboratories and small-group tutorials designed to facilitate effective interaction. If you are a UK student or have settled/pre-settled status and you want to study full-time, you can now apply through Clearing. Discover more about grants, student loans, bursaries and scholarships. We also provide advice and support on budgeting, money management and financial hardship.

To create citizens who have the desire and skills to contribute fully to a dynamic local, national and global economy.

Explore our research expertise and collaborate on innovative solutions. Tell family and friends, prepare a plan, do not compromise, map out your study hours, be kind and gentle to yourself. By using the Disqus commenting system, you provide your consent for processing comments using Disqus and agree to the terms and conditions as well as the Disqus privacy policy. For anyone who has tried to learn a new language or failed to progress beyond a few phrases, this range will help. Uses the famous Michel Thomas method of teaching a language the natural way – by listening and speaking…. There may be a day trip to an economic institution (e.g. Bank of England) or business (e.g. a local company).

This course offers you a broad understanding of economics, looking at the subject from a range of perspectives and schools of thought. You’ll explore why people, businesses, and governments make certain decisions and the consequences of those decisions. It’ll challenge your intellect and develop your problem-solving and analytical skills.